IMG_2752s.jpgJonathan Motz was born in Hanna, Alberta. From a young age he was riding with his dad on the tractor or on the motorbike with his grandpa checking the cattle. Farming was in his blood. He also enjoyed woodworking and often would spend his free time in the woodshop, building whatever his dad’s wood supply would permit. At age 18 he left for a Canada/US custom combining run, which started in Colorado in mid-May and worked north, ending in Grand Prairie in late October. In early 2001, Jon was hired by W. McKee Manufacturing in Red Deer, Alberta, a company with a long standing reputation for building quality manure spreaders for the feedlot industry. Starting as a fabricator, over the next 12 years at McKee Jon completed his journeyman welding certificate and then went on to manage their technical department, overseeing their hydraulic and electronic operations. After the passing of Wayne Mckee, owner of W. McKee Mfg, Jon went on to work for Henry Eisses at Eisses Grain Marketing, as General Manager in 2012.

Jon and his wife Carissa have been married for 10 years,and God has blessed them with 5 precious children: 2 boys and 3 girls. As a family they enjoy traveling, camping, and renovating whatever housing project is next!

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