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Are you looking to get the best price for your grain? At CorNine Commodities we are here to serve you and strive to get you the best price for the your grain picked up at your location. Not only can we offer you a competitive price for your grain, but we also have great relationships with many freight companies. This means you get the best price, prompt payment, and quick, easy, hassle free transportation of your grain.

We serve farmers throughout Western Canada and specialize in feed grains, oil seeds, and pulses. Check out the most common Grain Grades detailed below.

Call today and let our experienced grain traders at CorNine Commodities help you take a load off! 

Grain Grades

Selling Your Feed Wheat

Feed Wheat (All classes of Red and White Wheat)

Weight - 58lbs/bu and or 352g/0.5L
Moisture - 14.5%
Ergot - 0.06% Max (Determined by weight, not kernel count per 1000 kernels)
Shrink - 1% 

Selling Your Feed Barley

Feed Barley

Weight - 48lbs/bu and or 288g/0.5L
Moisture - 15.0%
Ergot - 0.06% Max (Determined by weight, not kernel count per 1000 kernels)
Shrink - 1% 

Selling Your Feed Oats

Feed Oats

Weight - 38lbs/bu and or 217g/0.5L
Moisture - 13.5%
Other Specs - Max 8% FM (Wild oats included)
Shrink - 1%

Selling Your Feed Corn

Feed Corn

Weight - 54lbs/bu and or 340g/0.5L
Moisture - 15.5%
Other Specs - None
Shrink - 0% 

Selling Your Feed Peas

Feed Peas

Weight - 56lbs/bu and or 340g/0.5L
Moisture - 16.0%
Other Specs - Max 5% FM
Shrink - 0% 

Selling Your Canola


Please contact us today for grades and pricing for all types of Canola.

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